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Definitives, Self Adhesives & Booklets - Set of 4 x 55c SOAR

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Set of 4 x 55c SOAR

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10DL Strip of 4 SOAR stamps

On 22 July, 2010, An Post officially introduced Stamps on a Roll (SOAR), a new self-adhesive stamp format containing images from the Irish Wild Flowers Definitive series.

SOAR involves the installation of new devices in Post Offices for the printing of stamps at point of purchase. These new printing devices, which are linked to the computer terminals at Post Office counters,print stamps at different values. The stamps are on rolls of 600 and will only be given a denomination at the
time of purchase. The five digit number on SOAR is the Julian date, which is based on the Julian calendar and the sequence below this contains Post Office information such as the location of the stamp printer etc.

The introduction of Stamps on a Roll marks a significant development in the retail offering of An Post. It enables customers to buy single or multiple stamps at varying postal rates to use when mailing items or to add to their stamp collections.
For this inital issue of Stamps on a Roll, four images from the current Irish Wild Flowers Definitive series are featured. The species on the stamps are: Spring gentian, Mountain avens, Bloody crane’s-bill and Common knapweed.

The stamps feature original illustrations by renowned botanical artist Susan Sex.
The stamps and first day cover design and layout is by Zinc Design Consultants.

Technical Details
Date of Issue : 22 July, 2010
Value : 4 x 55c
Illustration : Susan Sex
Design : Zinc Design Consultants
Stamp Size : 56mm x 25mm
Colour : Multicolour with phosphor tagging
Make-up : Strips of 4
Perforations : 11 x 11.25 approx
Printing Process : Digital Print
Printer : Label Art

Product Code: 10DL

Price: €2.20 


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