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60c Se-tenant Stamps

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On September 26, 2013, An Post issued four stamps entitled Ireland – An Integrated Society to recognise the changing face of Irish society. The 60c Se-tenant Stamps are the stamps shown.

Ireland has always been known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Welcomes’ and the years around the new millennium saw a spectacular and unprecedented rate of inward migration to Ireland.

The 2011 Census showed there were 544,357 non-Irish nationals living in Ireland, up from 224,261 in 2002. These new immigrants, which represent almost 200 different nations have an important impact on the economy and society. In addition, they bring with them their own culture, language, customs, dress, music, food and dance, which all contribute to make Ireland a more socially and culturally diverse society.

Since the introduction of citizenship ceremonies by the Department of Justice and Equality in 2011, just over 30,000 immigrants have been conferred with Irish citizenship.

The stamps were designed by Atelier David Smith and feature non-Irish nationals working and now living in Ireland: Garda Dongdong Zheng and Luas Revenue Protection Officer, Sammy Akorede.

Technical Details

Date of Issue   :  September 26, 2013

Values & Quantities  :  60c Se-tenant (176k)
      90c Se-tenant (156k)

Design    :  Atelier David Smith

Stamp Size    :  40.64mm x 29.79mm

Colour  : Multicolour with metallic silver spot colour and phosphor tagging

Make-up    :  Sheetlets of 16

Perforations    :  15 x 14

Printing Process   :  Lithography

Printer    :  Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd.

Product Code: 131460ST

Price: €1.20 


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