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Definitives, Self Adhesives & Booklets - Strip of 4

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Strip of 4

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On August 9, 2012, An Post issued a further eight stamps for its Irish Animals and Marine Life definitive series, illustrating Ireland’s biodiversity from the seabed to the mountain top. Biodiversity is an all-encompassing term used to describe the variety of all life and natural processes on Earth.

The species featured on this strip are are; the Fireworks Anemone, the Spiny Seahorse, the Green Crab and the Pike.

A spectacular marine invertebrate, the Fireworks Anemone has beautiful, bright tentacles reminiscent of a firework exploding in a clear night sky. It is often up to 30cm across, lives in a long thick tube and can be found only in very sheltered conditions, such as mud or muddy sand.

The Spiny Seahorse can be found in shallow sheltered waters. In winter, they move into slightly deeper water to shelter from rougher weather and sea conditions. The Spiny Seahorse has a distinctive straight snout and can grow up to 15cm in length. As they have no teeth, they suck small crustacean like plankton and shrimp through their snouts. Seahorses are monogamous and pairs mate for life.

The Green Crab is the most common of Ireland's crab species. It is a medium sized crab with a "shell", or carapace, that is broader than it is long. Green crabs are members of a group of crustaceans known as decapods. They have ten jointed legs and powerful front claws, which have been adapted for catching and crushing prey.

Pike are the largest of the freshwater predators and are abundant in all Irish watercourses. The Pike has a streamlined body and is olive green in colour with a white belly. They have a large mouth containing many rows of fearsome, backward pointing sharp teeth. Irish pike grow quickly and are opportunistic feeders, often preying on small fodder fish.

The stamps were designed by Zinc Design Consultants.

Technical Details

Date of Issue    : August 9, 2012

Value     : 4 x 55c

Design    : Zinc Design Consultants

Stamp Size    : 56mm x 25mm

Colour     : Multicolour with phosphor tagging

Make-up    : Strips of 4

Perforations    : 11 x 11.25 approx

Printing Process : HP Indigo high resolution digital print    
Printer     : Label Art Ltd.


 Product Code: 12DL1

Price: €2.20 


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